Razer Vespula

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The dual-sided Razer Vespula™ Gaming Mouse Mat provides two distinct gaming-grade surfaces on an abrasion-resistant hard coat to suit your preferred level of gaming glide — SPEED for smoother fast-paced action that maximizes freedom of movement; and CONTROL for ultra-precise movements and tactile feedback with its textured surface, allowing you to adjust your mousing surface to any specific gameplay-requirements with incredible ease. Extended gaming sessions are now possible with its memory conformance wrist rest that is designed to reduce fatigue for additional performance enhancing advantage over the competition. Take the fight to your enemies’ doorsteps with the Razer Vespula.
Dual-Sided Mouse Mat For Your Individual Needs
Whether you prefer to gun down your enemies with the increased glide of the SPEED surface or with ultimate precision from the CONTROL surface, the Razer Vespula offers the right surface that suits your playing style.

Enhanced Tracking Surfaces Validated by Professional Gamers
The Razer Vespula’s dual surfaces have been developed for enhanced tracking by the same scientists at Razer that have invented the most precise gaming mice in the world today. Professional gamers have also put the Razer Vespula through thousands of hours of intense gameplay to validate the tracking surfaces for tournament play.

Memory Conformance Wrist Rest
The soft gel-filled wrist rest protects your wrist from injury and fatigue, allowing you to enjoy longer gaming sessions like never before.
Technical Specifications
  • Non-slip, anti-reflective, abrasion-resistant hard coat
  • SPEED surface for faster mouse movements
  • CONTROL surface for precise mouse movements
  • Comes with a gel-filled wrist rest
  • Approximate Size : 320 mm / 12.61” (Length) x 260 mm / 10.24” (Width) x 3 mm / 0.12” (Height)
  • Approximate Weight: 332 g / 0.73 lbs
Customer Testimonials

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  2. 1. RazeRCrazY on 2/4/10 rated this product: 

    I had the exactmat before this and I can really tell the difference between the two. the Vespula is a litte smaller than the exactmat, just a little tho. I have a mamba and I love the way it feels on the Vespula. If you have a mamba this is the mouse pad you want to get!

  3. 2. Bryan on 2/4/10 rated this product: 

    When I first noticed this mouse mat I was intrigued. I had been looking for a new mouse pad to use with my deathadder. I saw that this one featured 2 sides for speed and control, and noticed that this was the same idea behind the ExactMat. I have never owned an exactmat and so cannot tell you the precise differences between the two, but stylistically speaking the Vespula has the advantage. When I tried out the two surfaces I noticed that the "Speed" surface allowed you to move the mouse faster without as much sensitivity as on other surfaces, which I will definitely find useful when playing shooters and other games that require fast reflexes. I noticed that the control side (which is my favorite by the way) really had a nice feel to it, allowing you to move the mouse around VERY smoothly and with (as advertised) great precision. I look forward to adapting this pad to the different styles when I switch between games. So far, I have no complaints. I would definitely recommend this product.

  4. 3. bnN on 2/2/10 rated this product: 


  5. 4. The_Musician on 2/2/10 rated this product: 

    After playing with this for a while, it is quite evident to see what Razer did. Let me tell you a short story.

    A few years ago, I had a deathadder. I loved it much. It was great. But playing on bare wood just wasn't cutting it with those mouse feet, so I picked up an exactmat & exactrest, as I am the kind of guy who likes to have wrist rests and the metal board was small enough to fit on my keyboard tray. Well after a few years of use two things happened: I found that using the control side of the board, because it was metal and very rough, damaged my poor deathadder's mouse feet. Second thing, BOTH sides (as I switched between both sides) began to wear down, and they lost their shine and became gritty, no longer smooth, or shiny, or patchy. So I picked up a destructor. This thing was FANTASTIC. Nice textured side, but not so textured that it ruined mouse feet! EXCELLENT. But it had no wrist rest. So I took the old exactrest, cut off the rubber bottom part, and taped it to my destructor, because it was the same shape as the exactmat. Now I had the plastic, non mouse feet destroying, wrist rest comforting, textured mouse pad I wanted. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT it had no smooth option, it only had textured, and my little hackjob didnt always work, and the wrist rest was getting old and worn.

    Enter the Razer Vespula, after a year or two of my destructor hack job. This thing has the dual sided feature of the exactmat, along with the excellent wrist rest, with the plastic, non mouse feet destroying aspect and great texture side of the destructor. This is the baby of my two favorite mouse pads to ever be owned.

    In short: This thing is great. It wont kill your mouse, but its super comfortable.

    My only gripe is it's size. I am now used to being able to THROW my mouse with my wrist and it wont fly off the mousepad, but the destructor was HUGE compared to this thing. There are pictures on the facebook wall comparing the three. if it was the size of the destructor, this would get a 5. but now it only gets a 4.5

    I would recommend to fans of the exactmat and rest, and those with a smaller desktop space.