Razer Armadillo²

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Long winding wires often end up in tangles and add a risk factor in the heat of gameplay.  Razer addressed this problem with the Razer Armadillo, the world’s first intelligent cable management system. Striving for perfection, our engineers at Razer reengineered the product to further improve the original design. The Razer Armadillo² is now lighter in weight with a unique intelligent design which allows you to insert and remove the cable within seconds. Now you can enjoy the freedom of wireless play on your wired mouse.

Tangle-free wired play
Angled cord grip elevates the mouse wire off the desktop to prevent unexpected tangling in the heat of gameplay, thereby giving you more freedom on your wired mouse.

One-Click Mechanical Design
Intelligent design allows fast setup and removal of the mousecord with the mechanical one-click step system.

Non Slip Rubber Bottom
Textured natural rubber on the bottom surface ensures a secure grip on any desktop surface.
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  2. 1. XyNiDe on 11/21/09 rated this product: 

    Well Razer came up with its kick ass Idea of mouse cable management again to rock...got it a week ago and really it rock! and been using it with my logitech mx518 gaming grade mouse...reduced the fu**** wire mess that made me feel irritated in most of the fps games