Razer Kabuto

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The Razer Kabuto™ is an ultra-thin, soft gaming mouse mat designed for the gamers on the go who demand gaming grade precision and portability. Regardless of the mat’s placement, this slim, high quality ultra-thin microfiber tracking surface offers consistent glide while its high grip rubber base prevents the pad from sliding while in use. The Razer Kabuto™ also doubles up as a laptop screen protector and can be stored inside your laptop for maximum functionality and portability no matter where you take it.

High Quality Ultra-thin Microfiber Tracking Surface for Gaming Grade Precision
High-grip Natural Rubber Base
Prevents the mat from sliding no matter what surface it is placed on.
Doubles up as a Laptop Screen Protector
Technical Specifications

  • High quality ultra-thin microfiber material
  • High grip natural rubber base
  • Approximate Size : 280 mm / 11.03” (Length) x 195 mm / 7.68” (Width) x 1.03 mm / 0.04” (Height)
  • Approximate Weight: 48 g / 0.11 lbs
Customer Testimonials

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  2. 1. AWishForWings on 1/13/10 rated this product: 

    I've been looking for a mouse surface to carry with me for a while.This seemed to be a good choice. The tracking is excellent.The non-slip base could use a little improvement as it slips after a while. It also picks up dust and hair pretty easily but you can clean it under tap water and let it dry for a couple hours and it still looks as good as new. Tried using it to clean my LCD screen but you can't use cleaning products, otherwise you'd screw up this mat.

  3. 2. Jay on 12/24/09 rated this product: 

    I bought this a few months after I bought the Sphex for my gaming at home, I liked the fact that it's compact enough to go with me between the screen and keyboard when I game out on the road but the sphex has spoiled me for a hard surface mat. I game ok but I much more prefer the hard surface. I use a Lachesis for both my desktop and my laptop while out on the road. I guess if I was still using a soft mat at home I probably would have given it a 5. If they were to come out with say "Sphex-H combining the hard surface of the Sphex and compact size of the Kabuto and ship it with a soft cloth sleeve so yo cold still store between the screen and keyboard without fear of scratching anything I would be in heaven!

  4. 3. tvg on 10/29/09 rated this product: 

    I'm using it alogn with my Lachesis, it work incredibly, don't get itchy if my hand rubs with it, the precision of my mouse
    in just one word....WOW
    and is a must have if you play on a laptop

  5. 4. Rice™ on 10/21/09 rated this product: 

    Being a college student I don't have much space on my desk but wanted to get a decent pad. I had some general brand that was thick and just a small square. So after I got this in the mail I laid it out and found how soft the top was for my laptop screen and even the bottom was made great so it wouldn't slip. So if your short on space and want a good surface even for a desktop (I don't need much mouse space) this is great. Also awesome for when your going places with your laptop since it fits in between the screen and keyboard being unnoticeable.