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With the Razer Sphex, Razer introduces the first gaming grade desktop skin. With a value proposition unmatched by other gaming mouse mats, the Razer Sphex delivers high tracking quality on the thinnest mousing surface ever. Additionally the multiuse adhesive of the Razer Sphex lets you attach and remove it on any surface, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go.

High performance for Optical and Laser mice
The Razer Sphex was made with one primary mission in mind: to make high gaming grade performance affordable for everyone. And the results speak for themselves. The Razer Sphex keeps up with any other mousing surface regarding precision and tracking quality for both Optical and Laser mice.
Adheres to any surface
The innovative adhesive used for the Razer Sphex enables you to attach and remove it easily; making it the perfect companion anywhere you go. And don’t worry about it getting dirty, as you can just wash it and it’s going to be like new again.
Gaming grade desktop skin
The Razer Sphex brings a new approach to the gaming surface line that has not been seen before. The ultrathin form factor allows gamers to play on a gaming grade surface that is literally a skin of the desktop.
Technical Specifications

  • Adhesive bottom to stick on any surface
  • Extra thin to avoid any restrictions to your gaming experience
  • Excellent tracking quality for both laser and optical mice
  • Approximate Size : 330 mm / 13.00” (Length) x 225 mm / 8.87” (Width) x 0.28 mm / 0.01” (Height)
  • Approximate Weight: 20 g / 0.04 lbs
Customer Testimonials

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  2. 1. SGkid on 12/4/09 rated this product: 

    First of all, for such a thin and cheap mousepad, it dosent budge and it dosent sticks to my wrist when im moving my mouse. Also the hard surface enforced every movement and sensitivity of my new razer abyssus. And its a real space-saver, my goth mat is curling up when my keyboard and wrist brushes against the end. With sphex, nothing to worry anymore.

    What can i complain? Okay im worried the adhesive thingy might not last long if i remove it often, but its for my desktop, who cares?

  3. 2. SpecOpsBear on 11/22/09 rated this product: 

    After having the Razer Sphex for a few days and putting it through its paces, I can definitely recommend this to anyone! This thing's as thin as a piece of paper, won't even budge once applied, and doesn't get bumps and bends like conventional mousepads often do.

    Immediately after installing this puppy onto my desk, my Diamondback3G glided across it like whipped butter being spread on a bagel - it was the most traction and smoothest glide I had ever gotten on any mousepad before. The lack of a wrist rest is no issue - you can always buy a third-party one or a gaming glove if you need it, but I don't mind.

    For fifteen bucks, this thing isn't a 'steal' nor a 'bargain', but a freakin' godsend! If you aren't hardcore enough to trade up to one of Razer's more expensive pads, or you prefer just getting a nice cheap replacement for your crappy, out of shape 'thing' you call a mousing surface, get this pad! If it doesn't make you better, it'll at least make you faster!

  4. 3. Prorenzo on 9/28/09 rated this product: 

    I have been using the Razer Sphex for around 3 days I am very impressed by it. I have once used a Razer Exact mat at my friend's house and compared it with the razer sphex, They are almost the same in terms of accuracy. In fact I like the Razer Sphex more since it is so thin, it feels like a part of ur desk. That is why they call it desktop 'skin' It provides and right combination of speed and tactile feedback. I own a Razer Lachesis and I have to say this is the perfect companion for the Razer Lachesis or any other laser mouse. Previously i have been using the goliathus which is a soft mat with my lachesis and it gave me some problems espicially jittering and moving ever so slightly once i apply some pressure onto my mouse tho it doesnt occur with my salmosa. But with the Razer Sphex it magically removed all my problems and made my lachesis more accurate than ever! It also revealed the true potential of the Razer Lachesis. For $14.99 its a steal. Highly recommended for people owning a laser mouse! For infrared mices u might wanna go for a soft mat such as the goliathus though. I am now saving up my money for a Lycosa keyboard because all their products has always been exceeding my expectations. THANK YOU RAZER for making such kick-ass products.

  5. 4. EpicPhoenix on 9/13/09 rated this product: 

    I was considering getting myself a new mouse pad for my Naga, and decided to order my Sphex. It came earlier than my pre-ordered Naga, so I tested it out with my Mamba. I was amazed. It really is thin as paper, yet as tough as a brick. I could've spilled soda on it and still had my Mamba glide across as if it was floating. I can push my mouse with the smallest amount of force and it just flys across the ever so smooth surface. It's plently large, and I love it. Can't wait to test out my Naga on it.

  6. 5. Joseph on 9/11/09 rated this product: 

    Its a good mousepad for $15, but it screwed up all 3 of my Razer mouses feet. The thinness is the weakpoint for this Desktop skin. Sometimes in the middle of a firefight in Counter-Strike i might go off the mousepad with my mouse without knowing it(because of the thinness). Then, when i drag the mouse back it scratches the feet on the bottom and the mouse is never the same. Its happened to 2 of my Copperheads, and i just got this Razer Deathadder yesterday, and one of the feet is scratched already. I'm happy with the performance, but if only they could have made the Sphex larger to prevent this from happening. Going to get the Goliathus now.